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2 New quests + foxhound
2 new quests added:
Barney's Birthday Present (35qp) [Novice]
Saplings for Charla Mae (100qp) [Intermediate] 

Foxhound can be found in hotton pet store & added to companion list.
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oh ok i didnt see it


What about the Mulassier? :3

I said before that I wasn't going to be uploading future horse breeds because I don't have the time (and I'm lazy) and they all pretty much look the same. Go to the library for them.

what does the foxhound look like are you going to make a pet store section of info so we can read about it and see what it looks like?

I already have a list of pet names, locations, prices, and stat boosts, which are the main things you need to know. I decided not to upload pictures of the companions because most of them have a lot of animations and I wouldn't be able to capture all of that. You can see them at the library.

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