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8:45:10 PM
Hey there! I'm surprised people are still using this site! :) Well, as long people continue using the site, it'll be up. 
If anyone is dedicated enough and interested, I can give you editing powers and you can put in missing quest information and stuff. Just send me a message using the Contact form link. Or if you run another HI1 help site and would like to combine, shoot me a message as well.
See ya!
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There's so much new stuff on Horse Isle. People need to help add the new stuff to this website. I don;t know if I can, but someone should help add new info quest stuff.

Oh my gosh, yes please don't delete this! This is by far my favorite quest guide out there. It's so easy & pretty to look at you simply cannot beat the graphics and information it offers. 

Would never use another site.

Thanks again! smile

Thanks for leaving this up! It's my favorite guide.

I'd be willing to try to update missing quests, if i can find them (most of mine are done), and i can definitely add the new ones as they get added.

Thanks for offering! Could you send me a contact form here?

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