Everything you need to know about being a subscriber!
Guide written by: Vallina 

1. Basics
 What are the benefits of subscribing? There are TONS of benefits from subscribing. The most important ones are: being able to buy a ranch, having unlimited play time, and training your horses twice as fast! More benefits in greater detail will be described later on in this guide.

 How do I subscribe? You can either by one ingame from another player or buy one yourself using Paypal or postal mail. 

 How many days do I get when I subscribe? A monthly subscription added to your account is +31 days. A yearly added to your account is +366 days. Everytime you buy another sub, it tags onto your current sub. For example, if I only had 8 days left on my account, and I bought a month sub, I would now have 39 days of subscription on my account.

2. Preparations for Ranches
a. Having the money

A common problem I always see is when players buy a sub, but then they don't have any money left to buy a ranch! Either this, or when they buy a ranch, they cannot build anything on it or upgrade it. So, they end up being subscribed, but having no money left to buy a ranch or having a ranch with nothing on it (which is pretty useless).

Before subscribing, please take into consideration of the costs. If you are buying the sub ingame, think about that cost. Sub prices range from server to server. Then there is also the money to just BUY the ranch. Ranches cost from 500k (cheapest) to 2 million (most expensive). Then there is also the upgrades and buildings you will want to have as well, and those will cost a quite a bit of money. 

So, before subscribing and going off to buy a ranch, make sure you have enough money. The mininium amount I would have would be 1.5 Million. 500k for the sub (price varies from server to server), 500k for the ranch (cheapest), and another 200k-300k for buildings and upgrades. You would then have about 200k-300k of spending money to either save up or spend on other things so you won't be completely broke.

b. Finding a Ranch
Another common problem I see is when players are subscripted, but then they can't find a ranch to buy. If I were to estimate, there would probably be about 400 ranches in all on all of Horse Isle. Ranches are located on three Isles: Horse Isle, Tail Isle, and Starfish Isle. Having a ranch on Horse Isle is the most convenient, having a ranch on Tail Isle is semi-convenient (easy access to Appleton), while having a ranch on Starfish Isle is probably the most inconvenient. Before buying a subscription/ranch, you should take into consideration these things:

 Is your ranch location convenient? Having a ranch, in say, the middle of Tail Isle, would be pretty annoying if you were in a rush to get somewhere. 

Is your ranch near resources (cotton, rock piles, berry bushes, cattails, etc.)? While this isn't too important, it may be helpful if you are still questing or in need of these items. 

 Will you need a wagon, or will you walk to the nearest town? If your ranch is the middle of no where, you would probably want to build a wagon. However, please keep in mind that a wagon does take up space on your ranch. Instead of that wagon, you could have possibly built a barn or a windmill. Walking is definetly an option, but what if you are in a rush? Do you have the patience to waste time just to walk to somewhere?

3. Benefits of being a Subscriber
 a. Ranches

Oh yeeeess, ranches. Probably the most important benefit to all players. You can do so many things with ranches. They can let you enjoy your game even more, even though it is a little pricey.

1. Dorothy Shoes
The moment you buy a ranch, you get the Dorothy Shoes. No, these cannot be equipped to your game character, but they do stay in your inventory. If you use them (shortcut: F12), you will be sent to your ranch instantly, unless it is Prison Isle.

2. Getting the Mail at your Ranch
Ever been tired of going to the City Hall just to pick up that one mail? Instead of going to the City Hall (which isn't in every town), you can just tap your Dorothy Shoes to go to your ranch, and it will instantly arrive in your inventory. 

3. Offline Descriptions
You can't view a players' profile if they aren't on, but other players can view your ranch 24/7! You can put a nifty ad or description on your ranch for all the players to see. 

4. Ranch Buildings
Let's get down into the ranch itself now! The costs of each building that you can build on your ranch and their description:

Horse Stable Barn - $50,000 - +3 horse room.
Water Well - $25,000 - Automatically waters you & your horse whenever you go to your ranch. [Not suggested to get, since you can just water your horses at ponds and you can drink out of the fountain.]
Grain Silo - $100,000 - Automtically feeds your horses whenever you go to your ranch. [Only useful if you have a TON of horses. If you don't, just bale your own hay.]
Shed - $50,000 - +20 item space in inventory. (max 2 sheds) [Useful only if you are questing or gathering lots of items.]
Flower Garden - $5,000 - Useless. Don't get it. It does absolutely nothing, except look pretty.
Training Pen - $100,000 - Free horse training per hour. Give +1 in every stat & in exp. for all of your horses. (Max 1 training pen)  [Very useful if you have a lot of horses and don't have the time/money to stat them all!]
Wagon - $50,000 - Free transport to nearest wagon + free wagon rides. [I only suggest those who live far from towns to get this. If you live near a town, just walk.]
Windmill - $120,000 - Earns you $500 per real hour. Money goes onhand, not in the bank. [VERY, VERY, VERY USEFUL! Always have at least a couple of these. This is where a lot of your money will come from in the beginning stages. ;)]
Vegetable Garden - $15,000 - Automatically feeds you whenever you go to your ranch. [Personally, I wouldn't get this since you can just eat stuff you find or go to an inn for cheap food.]
Horse Stable Big Barn - $500,000 - +6 horse room.
 Horse Stable Gold Barn - $5,000,000 - +9 horse room.
* If you have a barn, you can sell horses on autosale if you are offline or online.

Ranch Upgrades:
TeePee Ranch House - Default building. (+1 building)
Ranch Shack - $50,000 (+1 building)
Small Ranch Cabin - $100,000 (+2 buildings)
Large Ranch Cabin - $200,000 (+2 buildings)
Small Ranch House - $400,000 (+2 buildings)
Medium Ranch House - $800,000 (+2 buildings)
Large Ranch House - $2,000,000 (+2 buildings)
Huge Ranch Estate for $5,000,000 (+2 buildings)
  Hugest Ranch Estate for $20,000,000 (+2 buildings)

Once your subscription ends, and if you have a ranch, if you go to your ranch, you will see this message in maroon:
Your game subscription has expired.  Ranch functions unavailable.  You can subscribe back on your account page, or you can sell your ranch by clicking BUILD at upper right and then clicking on your main building.

b. Unlimited Play Time
You are no longer cursed to that 360 minute limit, and now you have unlimited play time! You can play forever~ Well, until your sub ends that is.

c. Train Twice As Fast
Instead of training your horses one per every two hours, you can now train once per hour.

d. Access to Server
If the server is nearing max capacity (reaching too many players at once), subscribers get priority access.

e. More Global Chats
While nonsubscribers only gain +1 global chat every two minutes, subscribers get +1 per minute. 

f. Subscriber Stars
Ever wondered what those pretty stars next to some players names were? Depending on how much you pay through subs, pawneer orders, etc, you get certified with a certain star.
 Yellow Star = $5+ total paid
 Double Star = $15+ total paid 
 Double Star with Red = $55+ total paid
Once your sub ends, the star will go away. But, when you resub, your star from last time will come back, and might even jump to the next level!

4. Buying a Subscription from another Player
Whenever you buy a sub, you NEVER EVER PAY FIRST. They must send the sub to you, and then you pay. It's also in the rules. The person will most likely scam you if they ask you to pay first.

5. Scams
a. You Pay First, I Sub After
Probably the most obvious scam, don't fall for it. The player will ask for you to pay first and then they will sub after. Always a lie, always a lie. They will take the money and scam. If you do pay first and get scammed, it's entirely your fault, and don't expect to get any help from the admins. ONLY PAY AFTER THEY HAVE SUBBED YOU!

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