Black Brown Bay Dun Grey Palomino Chestnut


Breed Released: December 23, 2009
Found On: Grass
The origin of this unique horse is a mystery, but there are many extremely interesting hints. Horses with tiny "horns" on their foreheads were known in China in very ancient times, and called "Dragon Horses," the modern descendant of which is the Datong. The Moyle Breed was developed by Rex Moyle of Idaho, who began trying to collect wild remnants of the exceptionally enduring horses that Mormon settlers had imported, who also often had those "frontal bosses." Cleveland Bays were added to avoid serious inbreeding. The result is a smallish but incredibly tough and enduring horse. The horse has exceptionally free movement of its shoulders, and is an exceptionally easy ride. All solid colors are found (with the exception of white) and markings generally few. The Moyle is typically between 14.2-15.3hh.


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