Gypsy Vanner


Black Chestnut


Breed Released: June 7, 2007
Found On: Lava Isles
Gypsies in England bred the Gypsy Vanner over generations to create what they believed was the perfect caravan horse. It was bred to be strong, intelligent, docile and beautifully colored. The mane and tail are full and there is feathering starting at the knee or hock which covers the entire hoof. These features make them pleasing to watch and distinct so that the gypsies knew which were their horses and it was harder for someone to steal them. Even though the Vanner was bred for caravan pulling, it has a broad back which is perfect for bareback riding. This breed is only found on the Lava Isles. The Gypsy Vanner ranges from 13-15.2hh.


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