Money Making & Tips

Guide Written By: Vallina

Save. Don't waste your money on useless things. You don't really need that horse, you don't really need that extra barn, etc. Use your money wisely and never spend too much!

Put your money in your bank. Horse Isle has a system where you gain interest for the money in your bank. Basically, the more money in the bank, the more interest you get. The interest rate is 0.0003% and you get your money at the start of the new real life hour. Always keep a maximum of around 5k on hand to soften the blows of money-stealing special events!

Do quests! Doing quests for NPCs is by the far the best way to make money. Most are easy and give at least a couple of k. You also get bonuses when you achieve new rewards. Work hard on your quests and save, and you'll have plenty of money in no time!

Get windmills. Windmills are a ranch benefit only. Every windmill gives you $500 per hour. Doesn't seem much at first, right? But if you have 8 windmills on your ranch, you'd be earning $4,000 per hour! Without doing anything. Windmills are a big money booster at the beginning, so always get as many of them as you can!

Buy and Sell Horses. Buy low, sell higher, make a profit. Try buying cheap horses from other players or from the auction blocks and sell them for a higher price. If your horse has a ton of exp. and great stats/UTs, you could make plenty of money. 

Sell certain items to NPCs. See 'NPC Traders' on the navigation bar for more information. These items are easy to find and you can just pick them up while you happen to come across them.

Exp./stat train for others. Reliable, trustworthy, and fast exp./stat trainers are always in high demand. Some players can pay a huge amount for excellent exp./stat trainers and it's a great profit at the expense of your time.

Collect items and sell them. There are tons of valuable things that you can find on the ground that sell for plenty of money. For example, Giant Coconuts (Pirate), Silver Linings (Cloud), and Obsidian Chunks (Lava). The best place to sell general items is the Treeton General Store.

Collect Wishing Well Coins. Wishing Well Coins are commonly found on the grass. Just bring them to a Wishing Well and you can earn $100 - $650 EACH by wishing only for money. Nice way to get some extra money.

Play Minigames. There are tons of Minigames around Horse Isle and they are all very easy to play. You also get a bonus if you beat the High Score.

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