Black Bay Grey Pinto Roan Chestnut


Breed Released: September 7, 2009
Found On: Grass
The Nokota horse is the wild horse of the northern plains of the United States. Whereas the Spanish and American Mustangs are adapted to a more southerly clime with short or no winters, the Nokota is adapted to a more rugged terrain with long and bitter winters. Consequently, the Nokota, while still clearly showing some "Spanish Colonial" characteristics, are larger and heavier than their southern counterparts. Current Nokotas derive from a foundation herd that was removed from Theodore Roosevelt National Park. These are strong, agile horses, very intelligent, who, it turns out, are surprisingly good jumpers and cross-country mounts. All colors occur in this breed, with blue roan being so common that it is considered a breed hallmark. This breed ranges in height from 14-17hh.


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