Black Brown Bay Dun Palomino Chestnut


Breed Released: April 17, 2009
Found On: Grass
Originating in Norway, the Dole comes in two types. One is the cold-blooded trotter, and the other a heavier draft. Breeding is very selective. Every stallion has its lower legs X-rayed to ensure proper bone mass and structure. Other testing is done and only stallions that are "prized" are allowed to breed and help further the Dole. The breed is sometimes still used in Norway for logging since it does less damage to the land and does not require as wide of trails. The Dole is known to have a great temperament, willing disposition and can be used not only for light draft work, but also as a harness horse or for casual riding. The Dole ranges in height from 14.1-16hh.


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