Taking Screenshots

Guide Written By: Vallina

(Some keyboards may be different, try googling if this method does not work for you)

1. Take a look at your keyboard. Near the F12 button, there should be a button that says 'prt sc' or something similar. This stands for 'print screen'.
2. Press the prt sc button on whatever you want to capture on your screen. 
3. Go to paint or any other art program.
  1. To open paint go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint
4. Once you have opened paint, press the 'ctrl' and 'v' button at the same time. Your screenshot should appear.
5. Notice that there will be a dotted line around your screenshot. You can move your new image around by dragging. By using the select tool  you can crop your picture when you right click. You can also use the tiny blue buttons on the sides of the canvas to crop the image.

It is best to save your image using .png to maintain maximum quality.

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