Untrainables (UTs)

Guide written by: Vallina


What are Untrainables (UTs) exactly? The untrainables of a horse are its 'intelligence' and 'personality' stats. These two stats are unique to each horse and they cannot be trained in any way like the other five stats. They do not affect the horse in anyway. A companion/tack may temporary boost its UTs, but will return to normal after the equip is taken off.

Why is using percentages the most reliable way to say UTs? Everyone has different views on what they consider 'good', 'bad', 'max', etc. UTs. Someone could say their horse has 'amazing' UTs, but in your opinion, aren't that great. However, by using percentages, you can easily gauge what the horse is worth. It makes buying and selling horses much easier and is a much more organized system. 

Calculating Your Horse's UTs Percentage

For this guide, I will be using my white Icelandic, silver wind, as an example. 
( / = divide by)

First, take all tack and companions off of the horse you want to find the UTs percentage of. Then get a calculator (Most computers have a calculator already in them. For windows, go to Start  > All Programs > Accessories > Calculator).

1) Take a look at the desired horses personality and intelligence. There are numbers in white font inside the red bars. Add both of the numbers up and remember it or write it down. 

      silver wind's intelligence: 304
      silver wind's personality: 684
      silver wind's total UTs: 988
             304 + 684 = 988

2) Next, find the max UTs of the BREED. You can either go to the library and select the breed to find the max UT number or just look at your horses bars. The place where there are maroon triangles is where the max is. Add those up too and remember it or write it down.

     Icelandic intelligence max: 600
     Icelandic personality max: 850
     Icelandic total UTs: 1450
                    600 + 850 = 1450

3) Next, we will need to divide. Take your horses UTs and divide them by the breed max UTs. You should get 0.xxxx. Then multiply that number by 100. You will have your horses UT percentage!

             988 / 1450 = 0.68137
              0.68137 x 100 = 68.1% (or rounded, 68%)
              silver wind's UTs percentage is 68.1% (or rounded, 68%)

The formula:
Let "H" stand for your horse. 
Let "B" stand for your horses BREED.
Let "int" stand for intelligence.
Let "pers" stand for personality.

(H int + H pers / B int + B pers) x 100 = %

In other words . . .
Horse intelligence plus horse personality divided by Breed intelligence plus Breed personality times 100 equals the horse percentage. 

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