Horse Whispering

Guide Written By: Vallina

Who is the Horse Whisperer? There are three Horse Whisperers in total on Horse Isle; they all do the same thing but are at different locations. There is one in Mane Forest in the middle of Horse Isle, one south of Tropicton docks, and one on the southeast point on Saddle Isle. The Horse Whisperer will show you a certain breed in the wild, if the breed is out.

How do I whisper a breed? To whisper a breed, go to any of the Horse Whisperer's and select the breed you want. You will need to have at least 50k on hand to whisper a breed. If that breed is out, you will be see a MAP button, which will show you where the horse(s) is and you will lose the 50k. It is highly recommend that you screenshot the location (see Guide>Taking Screenshots). If there is no breed out, you will lose 10k. 

Even if you whisper a horse, it is not yours until you catch it. So don't dawdle, hurry and get to the horse before someone else stumbles upon it. That horse is a fair catch to anyone before it is captured.

There can be more than one horse of a breed out. If you are lucky, you may be able to find perhaps four horses of same breed in one whisper. 

- Always screenshot the location of the breed. Don't think your memory is that great. See the Taking Screenshots guide if you don't know how to.
- There are always at least 30 horses out in the wild.
- Some horses can only be found on certain places, such as sand or lava.
- I suggest whispering draft/lava breeds first, since not everyone can go there. They are more likely to be out than other breeds.

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