Calculating Big Jumps

Guide written by: Vallina
(Method originally from CanyonRanch, thank you for letting me use it on my site!)

There is no need to tack up a horse and enter a jumping competition just to find out how many big jumps the horse has. There is an easy formula to find how many big jumps the horse will get! I will be using Jaguar, my roan knabstrup, as an example. 

1. Attach any tack & companion to the specified horse like you are going to jump with it.

2. Take a look at the STRENGTH stat of the chosen horse. 
(Jaguar has 1900 strength with a foal & peggy tack)

3. Round the strength number to the nearest hundred. 
(For example, 1450 would become 1500, while 1440 would become 1400. Jaguar is already at 1900, so I don't need to round. )

4. Take the first two numbers of this rounded number.
(19 for Jaguar)

5. Then, add two to that number. 
(19+2 = 21)

6. That's the number of big jumps the horse will get with those equipments!

Note: The number of big jumps you get may be slightly off. Please contact me with your horse strength stat, and what tack & companion is attached and I'll check it out myself.

Random Fact:
Some Draft breeds, like the Ardennais and Shire, have the highest strength stat (950). 

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