Australian Brumby


Black Brown Bay Dun White Grey Pinto Roan Cremello Palomino Chestnut


Breed Released: June 7, 2007
Found On: Desert Sand
Many consider the Australian Brumby a national icon of Australia where as others consider them a pest. The Brumby is a wild horse that roams Australia and was originally imported in the late 1700's to help in the exploration of the country. These were left and have now become wild to roam in herds, much like North America's Mustang. There are both positive and negative aspects of these wild herds, mostly involving the land. They can help dig up water when it's dry that also waters other wildlife and enhance some tourism in the country, but they also invade cattle grazing ground and damage fragile plants. Most roam free, but some are used as stock horses. The Australian Brumby ranges from 13-15.2hh.


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