1. You will not copy or steal any of the guides or pictures.
  2. You will not claim any of the guides of pictures as your own.
  3. You will not duplicate or repost any of the guides or pictures anywhere.
  4. All guides and images are written/owned by me.

How the Guides Work

There is a certain format I use for all of the guides. 
Quest Name (QP Rewarded) [Quest Difficulty Level]
Begins: Where the quest begins, some may have an image.
Items Needed: Items suggested to bring before you start the quest, will be used throughout the quest. These include only obtainable items found in Horse Isle, such as ores, cotton, etc.
Description of quest guide here.
Reward: The reward of the quest. Does not include the amount of QP rewarded since it is already in the quest name.

If you see any errors or typos in the quest guide, please submit it through the contact form! Thanks!

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