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Game Update
 New Breed: Ukrainian Saddle Horse
New companions: Palomino Draft Foal and Black Forest Draft Foal
1 new quest

Pegasus and Unicorn Pellets added!
These pellets, when purchased for $1 billion and fed to a horse, will raise the personality stat (Pegasus) or intelligence stat (Unicorn) by one point. These were created for the main purpose of being a money sink. They are something for those with a ton of money (hitting the max allowed) to have something to buy should they want to increase the UT's of some of their horses. Having them so expensive also makes it so those horses that have naturally good UT's should still be worth a lot to those that enjoy UT's.
Take note: The price for these is solid. We will not be dropping the price. If you don't like the idea or price of them, please don't buy or use them.

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