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8:45:10 PM
Hey there! I'm surprised people are still using this site! :) Well, as long people continue using the site, it'll be up. 
If anyone is dedicated enough and interested, I can give you editing powers and you can put in missing quest information and stuff. Just send me a message using the Contact form link. Or if you run another HI1 help site and would like to combine, shoot me a message as well.
See ya!
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5 Sokolblossom   [Entry]
There's so much new stuff on Horse Isle. People need to help add the new stuff to this website. I don;t know if I can, but someone should help add new info quest stuff.

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4 Chaos   [Entry]
Oh my gosh, yes please don't delete this! This is by far my favorite quest guide out there. It's so easy & pretty to look at you simply cannot beat the graphics and information it offers. 

Would never use another site.

Thanks again! smile

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3 Siren   [Entry]
Thanks for leaving this up! It's my favorite guide.

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1 rawrz2   [Entry]
I'd be willing to try to update missing quests, if i can find them (most of mine are done), and i can definitely add the new ones as they get added.

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2 Vallina   [Entry]
Thanks for offering! Could you send me a contact form here?

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