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Horse Isle: Legend of the Esrohs Improvements
HI2 (LOTE) is not playable for months yet, but here are some of the improvements we've made from HI1 (SLOH).

1) Everyone plays in the same world -- (Hopefully) 
2) More horse detail both technical and graphic:
  • Breeds are being redrawn in higher resolution, quality. It displays larger on the screen.
  • Each breed can have unique colorings. This allows for more exact and additional colorings for each breed. (Some have over 40 colorings!)
  • A stallion has a different mane than a mare.
  • 5,000+ unique combinations of markings for each coloring of most breeds.
  • Billions of unique genetic stat variations off a single same breed.
  • 100,000 different possible personality combinations for each horse.
  • All combine to make your horse a completely unique individual, just like a real horse, no two will be exactly alike.
  • 4) Scalable client (You will be able to make it bigger/smaller.)
    5) Several times more original music composed. Different areas/terrain have different soundtracks.
    6) Larger, completely new world to explore.
    7) 8 all new Arenas, more stat based up to 8 players in all, with 4 levels of competition.
    8) Safer trading system. 
  • Players may buy themselves Subscription or Horse tokens, which they can then trade.
  • Trading is allowed with a non-subscriber if the trade includes a subscription token.

  • That's enough for now :) 
    -Joe and Miranda

    Here's the Background story for LOTE for those that haven't seen it yet:
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