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Hey guys, just a quick message to apologize for the lack of updates around the site. I'm busy with schoolwork and art and I've lost interest for HI months ago. I'll try to get the new quests up, but lately, I'm totally not really interested. I don't really have the time anymore.

Also, if I see any more sites taking advantage of my information and blatantly taking MY information and using it on their own site, I WILL close the site. So don't do it. It's pretty obvious if you're just rephrasing my exact words and blatantly copying and pasting. If you're going to steal, at least do it in a more clever, less obvious way. -___- Epic fail.

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6 Efeee   [Entry]
Tipisle has helped me wonders! NEVER take it down. I would definitely help if you need it.

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5 Lumi   [Entry]
Firay is right smile I can try to help in anyway I can help too Vallina when I can happy

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4 Physik   [Entry]
Awh, don't give up, Vallina! Your site is truly the only site I like, because it's so easy to use and tells me all the info I need. Also, if you need me to do anything I'll be glad to help.

~Physik, now Zephyrsa on Chestnut Server

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2 Ryaa   [Entry]
Just doing the new quests myself so if you need a hand filling on the blanks let me know

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3 Vallina   [Entry]
I really would appreciate any information anyone can send in. smile

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1 firay   [Entry]
Gosh, it's so rude of people to do that! I love tipisle, it's like pretty much the /only/ up-to-date HI guide out there. Keep up the good work, Vallina!

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