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June 1 Update
New breed: Iberian Warmblood
New companion: Chameleon
1 new quest
5 characters want new paintings painted for them.
Typos and bug fixes.

I've been studying for SATs and will be studying for my finals soon... not sure when I can get stuff up. >_<" Sorry guys!
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7 HaloWildFyre   [Entry]
How about the Robinsons Log Book quest? That is also a new quest, even though the Nomasonto's Special Gift was supposed to be the only new quest. I can't find Robinson where he's supposed to be on Vine.

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8 Tuli   [Entry]
i think that is the quest released early, i cant find him either

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9 bokusenou   [Entry]
Robinson is in a tree house in the mid-part of Vine.

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6 Devi   [Entry]
OMG i am SO BUSY THAT I HAVE BEEN OFF THe GAME FOR 1 FREAKING YEAR! I have to do my entry tests then SAT's then dictations! OMG i am so busy! BTW i want to see what the Tersky and the Iberian Warmblood's looks biggrin but its ok if you don't have time! biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin

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5 ShannyStarfish   [Entry]
You need five peacock feathers and a chunk of coral which is south of the craft shop.

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4 ShannyStarfish   [Entry]
Lapis Maki is in the craft shop on Ring Isle.

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3 Chey   [Entry]
^^They fixed it, Lapi's in a hut biggrin

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2 HaloWildFyre   [Entry]
Rumor is the quest wasn't supposed to be released and Lapis Maki doesn't exist.

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1 HaloWildFyre   [Entry]
Having trouble with the quest (can't find the person on Ring Isle) and trouble with one painting.

The people to paint for are:
Chanda - web isle
Esther(haven't done) - vine isle
Freddy - ashton, lava isle
Jada - frigid meadow, polar isle
Mirah - whorl isle

Nomasonto's Special Gift (75qp) [Novice] - he wants a necklace made by Lapis Maki on Ring Isle, but I cannot find the person. They apparently work at the craft shop, but have not seen the person to talk to on the isle. Frustrates me.

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