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Ricardo's Remedy (75qp) [Novice]
Señor Cangrejo's Welcome (50qp) [Novice]
Shastri and Sammy (100qp) [Intermediate]
Thanks to AppleBay for the update help!
Category: Site News | Views: 1662 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 06.Aug.2011 | Comments (1)

Finally got off my lazy bum and got some stuff added. Sorry for such the long wait! Big thanks to AppleBay and Rohvannyc as well as everyone else for the information on the updates they sent in. ^^ Couldn't have done it without you guys.

Category: Site News | Views: 1598 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 24.Jun.2011 | Comments (0)

3 new quests added:
Miguela's Tack Quiz (50qp) [Intermediate] 
Paul Paddock's Pony Pandemonium (275qp) [Intermediate]
Winthrop's Tack Care Quiz (75qp) [Advanced]

Big thanks to HaloWildFyre for sending in both the quiz answers :)
Category: Site News | Views: 1471 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 07.May.2011 | Comments (0)

Sorry for the very late update guys... been crazy busy. But lots of people sent in information, thank you all so very much!

-the new companion to companion list
- ring isle crafting workshop
- new quest: Baby Karina's New Bed (175qp) [Novice]
- ice sculpture #11

I'll get the Jungle Temples up ASAP when I have time. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get the Jungle Caves up since I'd have to record it ... Read more »
Category: Site News | Views: 1393 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 30.Apr.2011 | Comments (2)

2 quests added
Argus Beesty's Delivery (125qp) [Novice]
Gofer's Repair Job (75qp) [Novice]

directions to 2 new isles added: Scoria & Basalt

thanks to Rohvannyc, Dapples, and AppleBay for submitting info about the new update :)
Category: Site News | Views: 1333 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 25.Mar.2011 | Comments (0)

3 new quests added:
Enzo's Surprise (25qp) [Novice]
Kelda's Visitor (150qp) [Intermediate]
Jack Reelin's Fish (125qp) [Intermediate]
(Thanks Rohvannyc for help!)

Category: Site News | Views: 1503 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 20.Feb.2011 | Comments (2)

 New Breed: Anglo-Arabian
New Companions: Fireflies and Rubber Ducky
3 new quests
Category: Site News | Views: 830 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 20.Feb.2011 | Comments (0)

I'm sorry, but I have been extremely busy with real life lately and I have lost interest for HI. :(

Added the 3 new quests:
Demetrius' Poetry Challenge (75qp) [Advanced] 
Sani's Anniversary (25qp) [Novice] 
Shoneah's Supplies (50qp) [Novice]
Big thanks to Roh ... Read more »
Category: Site News | Views: 1119 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 12.Feb.2011 | Comments (2)

Gryphon added to companion list
4 new quests added:
Woody's Zoo (75qp) [Novice]
Chanda's Candles (75qp) [Novice]
Alton's Centerpieces (75qp) [Novice] 
Lilibeth's Deliveries (75qp) [Novice]

Also fixed couple minor typos people sent in. Thanks!
Category: Site News | Views: 1118 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 08.Jan.2011 | Comments (0)

New quest added: Ruthie's New Retiree (100qp) [Novice] 
foals can be found on hotton
Category: Site News | Views: 939 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 11.Dec.2010 | Comments (0)

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